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Cheap Minibus With Driver

Naz Minibus hire has teemed up with Cabs and Coaches and has been designed to be used for people who are looking to hire a minibus for what ever reason. our service extends throughout the United Kingdom, which includes all the main cities in England, Scotland and Wales.The process of hiring a minibus can be a complicated one, as there are Minibus hire coach hire  Sevice satisfaction Guaranteemany factors that need to be taken in to consideration. Some of these factors include the size of the minibus, the number of minibuses that are required and more importantly the cost of such a service. Our service is known to extend to providing quality coach hire, airport taxis and airport transfers.

Here at Naz Minibus Hire we have an extensive range of minibuses that suit customer requirements. Our Fleet includes various high quality makes, which includes brands such as Renault, Nissan, Mercedes and Citroen. All vehicles are ofthe highest quality and well maintained. As standard all our minibuses comes with distinctive styles and are availible in various sizes which include small minibuses from 6 seaters all the way up to 23 seater minibuses. In association with London Minibus Hire  we offer a full service.Moreover, our company policy and high standard of service allows us to employ only the most qualified and competent minibus hire drivers. All drivers must meet the neccessary qualification and legal requirements. Also all our fleet has been installed with the upto date technology which includes latest GPS tracking systems. Such a system enable us to arrive at your designated location more efficiently and quickly.Using such technologies ensures no time is wasted trying to find locations which can be a stressfull process, especially if there are time constraints for the customer.

Here is an outline of some of the areas we cover:

Throughout the main areas of Britain our extensive minibus hire service can be attained. We have a strong presence of a minibus fleet through out cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow in Scotland. Our other areas include well known locations such as Sheffield , Liverpool, Bradford, and another popular minibus hire location Edinburgh. In addition to the latter we cover cities such as Manchester, Fife, Bristol, Kirklees, Cardiff in Wales and Wakefield in England. Our main priority is to ensure that our service extends right throughout the United Kingdon and is availible at competativeprices. Now it does.

Some well known areas cover South Gloucestershire, Derby, Rhonda, Dudley, Wigan, Belfast in Ireland and Sunderland and Leicester in England.

Moreover here are some more popular areas that we provide a minibus hire service to and these include, Wolverhampton , Cynon, Taff, Stoke On Trent, Rotherham, Coventry, Plymouth, Bolton, Nottingham, East Riding in the United Kingdom as well as Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sandwell, Sefton, Walsall. Finally in this section our city list covers well known cities as Kingston-upon-Hull, Doncaster, Walsall Stockport and South Lanarkshire.

There are many other larger cities that Naz minibus hire has known to cover. The way you can find this out is by contacting us and filling in the online enquiry foam. The towns that we also cover in relation to the latter include Swansea in Wales, Salford near Manchester, Chelmsford, Aberdeenshire ( Aberdeen ) in Scotland and Barnsley in England. Also Oldham, Southampton, Bath, Somerset, Bury, Luton are all popular UK destinations where we have vehicles that are used for our minibus hire service. In relation to the latter our coverage also is confined to areas such as Trafford, the great city of York, and the the urban cities Peterborough, Milton Keynes and Bournemouth. Moreover large populated towns that are within Naz Minibus hire service range are Rochdale, Warrington, New Forest, Solihull, St Helens, Wycombe and Basildon. Some of the major populated cities in that Scotland and Wales area include Stockton-on-Tees, the great city of Gateshead and North Tyneside, Northampton, the popular city of Portsmouth, A few honourable mentions include, Southend-on-Sea, Wycombe and North East Lincolnshire.

Since the inception of Naz Minibus hire our aim has been to provide a service which extends throughout all the main cities in Britain. In addition to the ones listed above our minibus hire coverage also covers the following towns. In no particular order our minibus hire service is available in Brighton, Blackpool, Colchester, Charnwood, Knowsley, Middlesbrough, Falkirk and Dundee in Scotland.

Also South Tyneside, Windsor & Maidenhead Maidstone, Newbury and Macclesfield are well know towns where we operate minibus hire. We have a huge array of experienced drivers who have been with us for a long time in the provision of our minibus hire service. The same applies to town such as Aylesbury Vale North Lincolnshire, West Lothian, Harrogate, Reading, and the Scottish town of Galloway. In relation to these one can mention Dumfries & Galloway, Basingstoke & Deane, Huntingdonshire.London Coach hire services are also available.

The same can be said for other towns in England, Scotland and Wales from our extensive minibus hire operation. A famous town in the north is Blackburn that is fairly well known for its cultural diversity. The same could be said for towns such as Preston and Lancaster. We also offer a Minibus hire london service can be fairly difficult to obtain at a cost effective price however we have some of the cheapest rates in the following areas Bedford, Arun, Neath Port Talbot, Poole, Oxford, Wealden, Newport, St Albans and Canterbury. In association with population size one can include Bridgend, Norfolk, Wrexham and Stafford. Newport, Canterbury, Dacorum and the little know town Cherwell. Moreover Perth & Kinross Thurrock, Guilford, Powys, East Hertfordshire, Torbay ,East Devon, Wrexham, Maelor, Tendring, Isle of Wight can be included also.

Halton and Warwick minibus hire service from Naz is amongst our quietest regions from where we work. The same can be said for East Ayrshire, Minibus Hire Leeds Newcastle-under-Lyme and North Wiltshire. Bassetlaw, South Kesteven, Cheltenham, Epping Forest, Erewash and Gloucester are amongst the busiest. Suffolk and Dover are top tourist destinations and we have a long history in transporting our customers to their destinations. Chester, Glamorgan, Bedfordshire, Slough, Scarborough and Exeter also fall in the above outlined category. In addition onme of the main companies that use us are Edinburgh Minibus Hire. The well known town in Wales Gwynedd could be considered also. Reigate & Banstead, Horsham, , Swale, Waterloo, Teignbridge, Cambridge minibus hire, and Vale Royal, and Amber Valley have been very busy areas for Naz Minibus Hire.

We have also used our minibus hire programme and transported people to and from little known areas in in England. However the does not mean that our service is compromised in large counties and cities. Our huge fleet in North Hertfordshire and East Hampshire is testament to this fact. Our strength in service can also be seen is South Ayrshire, Crewe and also Nantwich, Ipswich, Salisbury, Conway and Pembrokeshire and also heavily in the Lancashire area. Other locations include Waverley, Broadland, Breckland, Vale of White Horse ,Gedling, Eastleigh, Broxtowe, Stratford-on-Avon, West Lancashire West Wiltshire, Minibus Hire Manchester Ashfield and Lisburn.

In recent weeks we have added new minibus and coach hire with drivers locations. Firstly these include three North West towns which are Minibus Hire Glasgow Burnley, Accrington and Nelson which are all situated in Pendle. Other areas include Stretford which is near Manchester.

Our Minibuses:

Using our minibuses will always ensure that you arrive on time and get pickup on time from your designated location. We never miss a flight and we never keep you waiting. You can rest assured that our airport taxis, and also our conventianal taxis will get you to where you want on time.

In addition to this service we are also in a position to provide larger vehicles such a coaches which can cater for a substantially larger group of people. Here is a breakdown of our vehicle range:

Minibus and Coach Hire Images of our available fleet

small arrow  Minibus Fleet Description:

In our fleet we have various types of minibuses in order to cater for client requirements. This is essential as we are full aware of the fact that more or less all customers have different demands. These include requiring a airport taxi or need transfering from a designated airport. Please read below where we have outlined some of our vehicles alonside their additions.

» 6 Seater Minibus Hire: This is the smallest vehicle in our fleet. The booking of such a vehicle has been designed for travelling of a small group of people who might have a large amount of luggage. In addition to the latter, this vehicle can be used by a small family or a small coperate team looking to travel in both luxery and comfort. Our 6 seate minibus comes with a qualified driver. This sort of vehicle is ideal to be used for airport taxis and transfers. Click here for information on 6 seater minibus: This service is also extended to our London minibus hire service also.

» 7 Seater Minibus Hire: The 7 seater minibus is the second smallest vehicle we have. If you need extra space for your luggage or there is an extra person travelling then this vehicle will be best suited to your needs. The advantage of this vehicle compared to the 6 seater , other than its size is that there is no extra cost. The 7 seater vehicle comes with a trained driver. As of yesterday we also provide ..However this offer is only availible for a limited time. More 7 seater minibus info can be read here.

» 8 Seater Minibus Hire: The 8 seater minibus has all the advantages of the afformentioned minibuses but it allows more space and extra passengers. The cost is another advantage as there is only a slight price variation between this minibus and the 6 and 7 seater minibus. All our 8 seater minibuses come with air conditioning and are maintained to a very high standard. This vehicle is ideal for those travelling in a small group and want to avoid paying extra for a larger vehicle. Read more here about our 8 seat minibuses.

» 12 Seater Minibus Hire: If you are looking to travel and want a minibus that can cater for a large group then the 12 seater minibus is for you. Our minibus hire rates are very competative and we can almost guarantee that no one can beat us on the price of our 12 seater minibus hire. If you looking to hire a 12 seater minibus then there is a requirement that you book a few hours in advance. This ensures availibilty and also allows us to make the vehicle suitable to requirements. These include setting the vehicle up for luggage space and putting in child seats if necessary. Our 12 seater minibus hire service is with a qualified driver. Click on this link to read more information on our 12 seater minibus hire service

» 14 Seater Minibus Hire: If you are travelling as a large group to an event such as a wedding parties, employee teams, or stag and hen parties then a 14 seater minibus may be what you are looking for. It is essential when travelling in large groups in large vehicle that the drivers have the necessary qualifications to drive such vehicles. All our minibus drivers are well trained and have all the necessary qualifications to drive such vehicles. If you are looking to book a 14 seater minibus then please let us know a few hours in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangments or special requests our clients might have. Our 14 seater minibus comes with a qualified driver. Follow the link provided for more information on our 14 seater minibus.

» 16 Seater Minibus Hire: This is one of our largest minibuses that you can hire. catering for 16 passengers, this vehicle is ideal for those looking to travel in a large group. With ample luggage space and seats, you can be sure that your journey is both comfortable and enjoyble with your travelling group. Our drivers are well trained and have been approved by the official licencing bodies to drive such vehicles. All our minibuses are equiped to deal with baby seats as well as those with special needs such as the disabled and thise requiring wheelchair access. More information of 16 seater minibus hire service and Edinburgh Minibus Hire.

» 23 Seater Minibus Hire. This is the largest minibus that we offer. Known for both its size and comfort factor, you can be assured that you will travel both in style and luxery. Our 23 seater minibus has been used for various occasions. These include people going to watch a football match together or going to a wedding. In order to book such a vehicle it is essential that you let us know 12 hours in advance. We provide a driver who is well trained and experience. Further description of a 23 seter minibus hire service is availible here.

small arrow  Coach Fleet Description:

Alongside our minibus hire service we also provide Coach hire for those who are looking to travel in a large group that a minibus can not accommodate. Manchester Minibus Hire and our coaches vary in price and range. It is company policy that any coach hire booking is done with a 24 hour prior notice. Also prior notice is required if you are needing an airport taxi. The same applies in regards to airport transfers.

So if you looking to book a coach and want the best deal here is a quick outline of our coaches and their features. Here is a quick breakdown of our Coach vehicles:

» From 24 Seater Coach Hire: The best way to travel if there is a large group of 20 or more people is by hiring out a coach. Our 24 seater coach can easily cater for 20 or more people and their luggage. All our 24 seater coachs are new and are both stylish and comfortable for the traveller.

There is a requirement that you book the 24 seater coach 12 hours prior to your journey to avoid dissapointment. Naz Minibus hire are fast and reliable and can be trusted to get you to your destination on time.

» Up to 59 Seater Coach Hire: If you are travelling to a football game, wedding or a stag do and are travelling with a large group than we can help you by providing you with a coach hire service that can cater for up to 59 people. If however you are travelling with a larger group than 59 then it is best you book two coaches or a coach and a minibus. More information on 59 seater coach hire..Some of the counties that we cover are minibus Hire Surrey, and Minibus Hire Essex.

We have some of the best coach hire rates in the United Kingdom at affordable and competative prices. This includes our Coach Hire in London service. Call us now and book your coach hire service now.