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Coach Hire up to 59 seater

The new prestige class from a fleet of top-of-the-line minibuses comes the fifty-nine-seater coach, offering the highest standard for traveling within 150 miles. Brand new leather seats with abundant legroom, in addition to being equipped with both side and centre arm rests; this coach also contains panoramic front glass and mounted dining tables. The elaborate, elegant coach exceeds expectations and utilizes the best that technology has to offer. Moreover, the customer can rest assured that he or she is reducing the carbon footprint, as the newer engines in the fifty-nine-seater are designed to produce as few emissions as possible.

Here are some of the wonderful features that come on the luxury coach: air conditioning, a toilet, and washroom, dining tables, 240V socket, microwave, refrigerator, twin screen DVD, recliner seats, cd/radio, bar, tinted windows, a kneeling facility, and courier seat. Air suspension is normally standard in most luxury coaches, allowing only smooth rides for passengers. Climate control, and heat-insulated windows allow guests to experience the perfect temperature-no matter what time of year. Moreover, many of the coaches have curtains, and seats have individual ventilation and lighting, with two-point retractable belts. The luggage department in the fifty-nine-seat coach comes with ample-room, and it is stored under the floor, which obviously accommodates fifty-nine people.

When in search of the perfect large, luxury coach, the individual needs to investigate a variety of options. Many third-party companies offer customer insight into their experiences with various companies; however, for the ultimate experience in comfortable transportation, our services go far beyond customer satisfaction. Our minibus hire Rochdale drivers are not only courteous and helpful, but they all are required to have the appropriate license and experience behind the wheel. In addition, our fleets have the proper accommodation for disabled passengers, namely tachograph equipment. The newest models of luxury coaches contain the best that technology has to offer, and they are more economically friendly than many of the older models. Instead of seeking public transportation, which is usually cramped and extremely slow due to many stops, it makes sense to take your large group into the solitude and serenity often described by passengers of a quality fifty-nine-seat luxury coach. Not only do customers support the green movement by choosing a large luxury coach, they embark on a trip that allows them a well-deserved break from reality, especially for those on company time that may require a moment of solace before engaging in the business at hand.

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